Our philosophy is steered by 3 basic principles: 1. Bespoke approach, 2. Outide the Box, and 3. Quality . As a collective team we ensure an all-inclusive approach to design and deliver a service that is greater than the sum of its parts.


House Mdluli

After Lood Studio completed the design of a new house for Mr. Mdluli, he appointed LiC to design an interior that will compliment the design of the house. The final design is an extention of the sleek architecture of the house with a touch of a few warm colours and textures to make this open plan house a home.

Three 180 Umhlanga

These high-end apartments form part of a premier mtulti-level mixed use development in Umhlanga Ridge. The interiors showcase a sophisticated yet warm atmosphere with modern finishes and state of the art appliances. Detailed attention was given to the design of the kitchen, ensuring a neat and clutter-free space.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise, through Tsebo, asked LiC to assist with the refurbishment design of theirhead office in Rivonia. As part of the HPE international brand standard the team had to look at providing various workstation solutions across a 1500sqm floor plate.